Adria.MOVE IT! project

Adria.MOVE IT! – “Support to sustainable forms of mobility in the coastal towns”

The Adria.MOVE IT! project, co-financed by the Adriatic IPA CBC 2007-2013 program, joined together Adriatic coastal cities that faced similar issues regarding mobility due to specific spatial and historical circumstances.

Congested traffic is the result of the historical heritage of compact cities at unique spatial locations, which were not designed for car use and tremendous population increases in peak tourist seasons. The emphasis of the project was to jointly design safe, environmentally efficient and healthy transport solutions that will stimulate sustainable transport, quality of life and socio-economic cohesion of the project area and act as an example for other Adriatic local authorities.

The joint action of project partners through a joint strategy increased the efficiency of the project by combining territorial potential and characteristics with capacity of local stakeholders and target groups in order to find solutions for common traffic problems.

Aimed at promoting sustainable mobility, small investment pilot projects and Sustainable Mobility Plans were implemented in the partner cities. The investments were focused on promoting the use of bicycles and alternative traffic channels.

For more information download project booklet in pdf: adria-move-it