EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner

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EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner is web application for exploring UNESCO Adriatic sights online and making custom eBooklets with sightseeing routes.

Planner was created as a part of Project EX.PO AUS (EXtension of POtentiality of Adriatic Unesco Sites) in order to make joint valorisation and promote UNESCO sites of the Adriatic Sea that are part of this project.

On EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner you can explore the Inter-Adriatic UNESCO sites and make your own custom sightseeing tours according to your interests.

The main focus is the cultural heritage of the UNESCO sites – attractions and sights worth seeing. All locations are marked on the map and listed with a short description and photo.

Using this Sightseeing planner you will get custom eBooklet specially tailored for your own needs, loaded just with information you need and find useful and locations you wont to visit. It will contain only the basic, brief information and would serve as a kind of to-do (or better yet to-see) trip list. By clicking on provided links you can access more detailed information on the related web sites.

EX.PO AUS planner

Each UNESCO location is presented with

  • introduction text (basic info)
  • list of sightseeing attractions (sights list)
  • map with all sights pined on it

Sights are organized in various categories (public buildings, sacral objects, museums…) and can be filtered out according to your interests.

Each attraction is presented with

  • photo
  • short description (address, opening hours, basic info, link for more info)

Once generated eBooklet consists of


Plan your trip to the following UNESCO Adriatic locations

Download pdf brochure: EXPOAUS-sightseeing-planner.pdf